How to pass the Pardot Specialist exam first time

How to pass the Pardot Specialist exam first time

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I became a Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist earlier this week, which was nice…

I didn’t really have much in the way of Pardot experience so I wasn’t sure how successful I’d be with the exam.

There seems to be a lot of demand for Pardot recently, and at Silver Softworks we’ve had several customers ask about it. After a fairly long hiatus from doing any certifications, I decided it was time to add another badge to the list.

It really wasn’t that difficult. I started looking at the study guide on Friday afternoon and passed the exam on the following Monday. I also spent a fair amount of the weekend either having a few ciders in the sun, or regretting drinking ciders in the sun the day before, so I probably ended up studying for around 15 hours in total before sitting the exam. Here’s how I did it…


The first few steps were fairly obvious…

Basically, I just went through the above materials (plus my spreadsheet below) and tried everything in the Pardot sandbox.

My super study spreadsheet

I’m pretty systematic when it comes to these types of things, so for every certification I do I put together a super study spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has two tabs: the first one has a breakdown of the exam outline and I put my confidence for each section in (which is then nicely colour coded), the second is a list of resources that I need to work through. I mark the items as “Done” once I’ve been through the material. On the first sheet, I score my confidence like so:

  • 0: I haven’t read about this yet
  • 1: I’ve covered it but don’t particularly understand it
  • 2: I have a fair understanding of it. I could probably answer most questions on it
  • 3: I’ve mastered this area

Feel free to take a copy of the super study spreadsheet for yourself. I typically book the exam once my average confidence passes 2.

A couple of other resources

I looked at a couple of other blogs during my journey. They’re in the super study spreadsheet, but I’ll also reference them here:

The Exam

The exam itself was fairly straightforward. One thing I noticed about the Pardot exam was that some of the questions were quite badly written. You’ll be used to this if you’ve done other Salesforce exams, but some of my Pardot ones were particularly bad. Brace yourself!

I passed the exam on the first try (maintaining my 100% success rate over at least ten exams now), and I’ll be doing the Pardot Consultant exam over the next couple of weeks.

Apparently, Salesforce should also be sending me a medal given that I passed in the first day of their medal promotion. I’ll be sure to wear it everywhere.

Good luck!

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